Charmian Massage:

Alhamdulillah (All praise is from Allah). The National Youth Association is a non-governmental organization, a public welfare organization, which was established in 1 st, 1966, in Hazaribagh. The goal of “healthy, prosperous, prosperous Bangladesh”, or the overall welfare of the country whose main purpose is to eliminate unemployment, improve socio-economic and health care, and increase the social status of paramedics and health workers, in 2004, “National Youth Congress Paramedics and 4 lakh health workers are in need. Yet our goal is to try our best I am looking forward to helping all the public, private and international organizations.

At present, the Government of Bangladesh will recognize and encourage two-term community paramedic training. We are opening branches in different areas of the country. Only trained paramedics should not be able to find jobs. They have to be self-reliant.

Since a paramedical has a clear and clear knowledge on the various diseases and the treatment of medical, social disorders and its interaction, counseling and behavior change, there is a lot of education in different subjects. But easy accessibility and easy textbooks are all big books in the book market through Bangla. Due to this, it was published by the NGOs for publishing the book on health related topics and published it in Bangla by photocopying for simple parallel and para-graphic readings. For this, thanks to the community paramedic training project Wadud-ul-Md. Taquaddas (Kajol), and Paramedic Training Coordinator Dr. Aftab Uddin Ahmed, all concerned. If the paramedics have benefited a little while by reading this book, then our work will be considered as beneficial. May Allah bless us with all the good things?

Alhaj Mohammad Fazlul Haque
National Youth Association and 1st Vice Chairman
Asian Youth Council
Vice Chairman
S, T, I, Aid Network